Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA)

AFFILIATES - IGMA is a dynamic group of glass industry professionals who voluntarily come together to solve common industry problems, meet common needs and accomplish goals relative to Insulating Glass in the Global Fenestration Industry. It is the international standards development organization for the insulating glass industry. Their focus is on developing new technologies in the manufacturing of insulating glass units supported by new research, best practices and the development of codes and standards.

IGMA's industry publications, education programs, product certification programs and leading edge research provide valuable support to the industry. Those that attend their global events are literally the who’s who of the insulating glass industry.

IGMA entered into an agreement with RPM Consulting to provide QMS support to IGMA/IGMAC client members, to increase efficiencies, solve problems and increase their bottom line, through improvements in quality and productivity.

IGMA contracted with RPM Consulting in December 2015 to provide TM-4500 task group support. RPM Consulting has completed and submitted for review thirty (30) Tier II – Tier IV documents, which include Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms and specific templates for each.

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, IGMA offers the opportunity to learn something new and be part of a group at the forefront of all things IG.